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Walking a Marathon to raise funds ? What was I thinking ! 

Trying to design a web site and call out for people to fund me to walk a marathon has been quite a challenge. Again for those of you who know me you will know that I tend to write my sentences back to front and never say something simply if I can say it in a waffly, long winded way – hence the joy of writing a blog ! The trend today in web design is simple clean and clear. So for my foundation site I took this advice and used lots of relevant images (tick), kept text to a minimum (tick) and made my aims clear (hmmm can I tick this one off?).

So I am going to use this blog post for those who want a bit more information on what I will be using the funds for ! If you are reading this then you are part of my audience that prefers a little bit more detail and reflection. If all you want to do is donate to me then go back to this link and hit donate http://www.inspiredescapes.com/fair-connections-foundation

So why walk a marathon to raise funds you may ask why not just ask people to donate ? Well I met Nick Kershaw, the brains behind the Impact Marathon Series (IMS) and think his model is simple and inspiring. I also know many of the organisations the IMS will be supporting such as Global Action Nepal, Shakti Shamuha, Maiti Nepal and many others all of whom are doing some great work in Nepal-more details see here http://www.nepalmarathon.co.uk/impact. Also look at the location ….

 Who wouldn’t want to go here? 

So given the focus of IMS on education, gender and sanitation it’s a bit of a no brainier that I’d want to be involved. Also as this is the first one, its in Nepal and like Jaqcs, founder of Unite For Nepal UK, I can’t run it but can challenge myself to walk it. The idea was it would make me take some time out to walk to work, to exercise and challenge myself physically – well that was the plan ! Trying to work full time, research and develop my business means the walking to work hasn’t happened as much as I’d like to and now with 4 weeks to go I really need to get some training in ! 

I’m actually going to Nepal in November for 4 weeks to start to evaluate sanitary pad / menstrual hygiene projects and to continue my research into the impact of educational NGOs in Nepal. So as always my flights are covered and I have covered my teaching duties at LJMU and thought whilst I’m there it would be great to also participate in the Impact Marathon.
Also as the company, Fair Connections, is developing slowly but the demand for the puppets and story sack is growing in Nepal so I need to raise funds so I can continue my work in Nepal. Feedback from the 20 schools I donated to last year is that there is a demand for mor puppets, stories and training as the book and puppets are having a positive impact in the classroom.  Walking the marathon and raising funds will enable me to work with these original school as well as new schools this year.  Raju from KERE received one set and wants to use them in his cluster of 5 schools, Ramesh is also keen to use them in the schools he works with who have a number of deaf children and Kiran feels they will be well used in schools linked to the Asian Resource Foundation.  So funds I raise this year will focus on these schools and I look forward to hearing from others who may be interested in this project. 

So what is the money I raise being used for ? 

Well 20% of what I raise is going to the IMS fund to support the work that the runners, both international and national, will be doing in and around Kakani supporting locally identified development projects and working with people in the local community.  I will blog  on this when I’m in Nepal in November.

The rest will be used to provide more teacher training and puppet based story sacks to schools in Nepal. Based on the feedback from the 20 schools that I worked with last December I will be providing more puppets and will be supplying a new book that has been written by Sue Green from Pahar Trust Nepal, about a baby monkey in Chitwan, which focuses on early years. The new characters and story are aimed at smaller children with a key message on being kind and polite. These puppets work well with mine and also have the potential to be used with other books in Nepal and really help teachers to make school lessons interactive and fun. In addition to this I will be talking to the schools and seeing what other resources they need to help them in their work to make schools more child friendly and will use some of the funds raised to meet this need. I know some schools want some sports equipment, others more library books and others maybe some science equipment – so I will listen to what teachers are asking for and support them where I can.

Handing over sacks to teachers in Laspe Phedi 2015 with the support of Global Action Nepal

Schools will also get a follow up visit to gain feedback on the use and impact of the resources they have and ideas for future work can be shared.

The basic message is for every £200 raised a school will receive all of these puppets (see picture below) and the books that support them, which are written in both English and Nepali, as well as a day’s training and support visit as well so I can get feedback from the schools. Plus schools will get some extra resources to support their libraries, science labs or sports activities ! 

As always I will provide feedback on this work via my web sites, Twitter and Instagram as well on the Fair Connections you tube channel – so if you want to know more please follow me or drop me an email.

🙏🏼 Namaste and wish me luck !  🐸🙈

If I wear my lungi for the walk will you double your donation ?

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Supporting autonomous development  …. Learning from Nepal 

Again for those of you who know me you will know of my passion and support for working with people in Nepal to improve the quality of education.  I based my PhD on Actionaids literacy programme REFLECT in the Sikles sector of the ACAP and the impact that this had on the women and men there who attended evening classes.  The classes unlike traditional literacy classes were based on discussions and learning together rather than being taught to read and write from a set text.  The centres provided a space whereby the participants, mainly women, could talk about whatever issues they wanted.  This led to their confidence growing in public speaking, problems being discussed and solutions identified and implemented. I was inspired by the impact that this had and the changes took place at the local level.  I learnt so much from the experiences that these women shared with me. This then led on to the Sikles photography project and publication of the coffee tables book ‘Our Village Our Life’ – again the funds raised by this were put to good use at the local level by local people – reaffirming my commitment to autonomous development.

Whilst I edited the booked all of the images in the book we taken by local people.

The book and exhibitions that resulted from this project have helped celebrate life in Sikles and show what life in a rural village in Nepal is like through the eyes of local people.
What more than amazes me though is that this project started in 2008 with a workshop in Pokhara and  a matrix of needs and dreams being drawn up (see image below). This included wanting a new school to be built, a new health post to be built and a youth group to be established as well as increasing tourism and improving the day care cantre.  Now only 8 years on all of these projects have been implemented – with the support of Government, Non Goverment and local people dashing funds and donating their labour.

I have a full prezi talk on this project available here  http://prezi.com/zjkphhxhol-w

All of these projects which have been completed are down to the hard work of local people.  I am in awe of all that has been achieved.  The health post has been funded by Government funds, the secondary school rebuilt with the support of the Pahar Trust and youth club is almost complete with funds for the Sikles diaspora and contributions from local people of both land and labour. ACAP, Sikles Development Group, the Women’s Group and Youth Group have all worked together to help implement development projects initiated and developed by and with local people – the very essence of autonomous development.

So when people say to me I have done so much for Sikles I really have to disagree as Sikles, Parche and the surrounding villages have done so much for themselves.  We can all learn from their example. Recently friendship links have been developed by schools in Nepal and the UK, supported by the Pahar Trust http://www.pahar-trust.org/ptn-school-friendship-scheme Again through these links so much can be learnt from one another, gifts shared across the continents and a deeper understanding of the wealth in Nepal as well as some of the challenges remote villages face.

You will always recieve a warm welcome when visiting friendship linked schools in Nepal.

Sharing stories between Nepal and England helps children here learn about Nepal – here teachers from Sikles are visiting St Michaels in the Hamlet in Liverpool.

If you want to know more about how to develop a friendship link with a Nepal that please get in touch via sara@fairconnections.org

Nepal is here to change you not for you to change it !

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Starting a Foundation….. 

Some of you may already know that I am starting a Foundation to work alongside my new company Fair Connections.
Many people have asked me why as I already have enough on my plate with working full time and developing a small community interest company.

And my answer …

In order to help me do more work with educational NGOs in Nepal who I have been working with and to help Fair Connections have the most impact in Nepal.
It has been exciting developing the web site for the Foundation and is making me now relook at my company web site with fresh eyes …. how many people read lots of text, what photos should I use and how, how can I explain all the things that I have done so that I don’t seem like a headless chicken !

It’s taken quite a while to go from this ….

To this


thanks in the main to Matt from Inspired and advice from family and friends.
Starting the Foundation has also helped me to have a clear vision about how the company needs to operate as a small business and how the impact of the work I do in Nepal needs to be shared more widely.

Designing the new web, using all my own photos, reminded me of my passion for photography and mdantsane wait to get back to Nepal to take even more photos to add to my ever growing collection !

It has also made me even more aware of the fact that I do tend to waffle and try to say too many things so I have decided to use this blog space to share my more reflective ramblings.

So if you want to find out more come back soon !  If you just want to donate to the Fair Connections Foundation then click here …


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