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So many people so little time ….

Over the past few days I have managed to see and do so many things – will definitely need to catch up on some sleep as for some reason when I am in Nepal I always wake up early ! A range of people have been met from Georgia who runs the innovative Pokhara Photography studios which is a fresh new idea and much needed here in Nepal. Ruth and Jo who run Global Vision International and have recently moved their base to Pokhara where they are working with local communities for sustainable projects.

Short discussion with the owner of the Butterfly children’s home all of this on my ‘day off’ Sunday. Catching up with Dorje from the Moondance and friends at Busy Bee was nice way to end the day.

Monday was even more hectic …..

A meeting with Ram Chandra from Chidren Nepal followed by a visit to the Ghurkha camp where I was given a brief on the work of the Ghukrha Welfare Scheme and gained a real insight into the challenges faced by retired Ghurkhas and how GWS are working to meet not only their needs but the needs of the wider communities in which they live. Wish I had time to visit the office in Gorkha but will add this to Lucy’s to do list ….

also managed to see Ram Kali from Women’s Skills Development Organsitaion which is a must for anyone visiting here – being able to see how the products are made shows you the value of the work she is doing – and her new shop on Lakeside is very very classy – I’ll post photos on Flickr and link to this site when I work out how. This was followed by a visit to the SOS village where we ended up joining a wedding party – then dinner with the Khatris and introducing Lucy to the blues bar. Signed copy of the Sikles book is now there and if you want one just ask Jit Pradeep or hoyshi ….

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First day in Pokhara

Well not literally just the first day for this trip ! Quickly dropping my bags of at Mikes Hotel and then out for an excellent lunch at the Moondance. Dorje has done an amazing job of redesigning the space whilst keeping its’ character and charm – the widening of all the paths in pokhara also new.

Excellent to catch up with Dorje and see my best mate Ruth (a proper Dr) who is out here at the minute assessing the candidates for the Gurkha army – a tough tough challenge for those who try. The film Who Would be a Gurkha is well worth watching to gain insight into the process and the emotional journey those who do and don’t get in go through.

I then went to see Ram Kalis new shop on Lakeside which just has to be seen to be believed – all the goods are fair trade and it is just immense – will have to figure out how to post photos ! She now has over 400 women members producing goods for her organisation Women Skills Development Organisation – fantastic to see her organisation flourish – and having her own shop on lakeside will help tackle the problem of people copying her products without the ethical and social element which is the core of her company.

Ram Kali with us in her shop ….. so great to see her company expand looking forward to revisiting her again.


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