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Padma Kanya, Pashupathinath, Patan Dhokami and … Paint !

Traveling to Padma Kanya Campus the next morning by rickshaw meant that we all arrived in time for our interaction session where staff and students from both PK and LJMU shared presentations on their research interests and took the opportunity to meet new people.


Talks ranged from the topics being studied on gender education as women’s right to child maternal mortality and uterine prolapse. It was excellent to see everyone present their ideas so clearly and thanks is due to all the staff and students at PK who,attending making the morning a great success.


Whilst visiting the Hindu temple and cremation site at Pashnupathi Nath some of the students took the opportunity to visit the Bidra Ashram – Old People’s Home close by. Whilst a peaceful location the home is in need of having the rooms and facilities upgraded but the activity and energy of the residents the gave the students food for thought as they compared them to those back at home.

The peace museum at Patan dhoka, established by Kundan Dixit, was a sobering reminder of the conflict and its impact Nepal and serves as a reminder as one of the books by Kunda is aplenty named .. Never again.

Following in from this an impromptu visit to Sattaya Arts collective and the amazing graffiti gave us the opportunity to experience the Kolor Kathmandu project in action details of which are found here and on facebook


In keeping with a peaceful end to our hectic day a sunset visit to Swayambu was squeezed in before once again heading back to Thamel.


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Krazy Kathmandu

Starting the day off meeting Indira from Prisoners Assistance Nepal was an excellent induction to the challenges faced by women in prison in Nepal. Indira shared her stories of fighting for women’s rights and her work in supporting their families to reduce the impact that prison sentences in Nepal have on society here in Kathmandu. Walking to PAN with her gave everyone an opportunity to see Nepal through the eyes of a truly inspirational activist.


Following on from this we were taken to the Organic Farm and new location of Bike Zone which provides an excellent community centre on the outskirts of Kathmandu as well as being a social enterprise with all profits going back to support PAN. Students returned later in the week to go on a bike tour and can recommend it as an experience not to be missed if you have them on your hands whilst in Kathmandu and want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city. The ridiculous size of our bus meant we had to walk to get there which showed yet another side of Nepal to the tourist centre that is Thamel.


Lunch was provided for us at the Women’s Foundation and an excellent, though somewhat depressing talk, on the challenges facing many women in Nepal today. The work being done by staff at the women’s foundation though gave us all some hope that a new Nepal is possible, where women’s rights are upheld, where gender based violence is challenged and eradicated and where the world as envisaged by the women’s foundation is achievable.

The day ended with a much needed rest stop at Boudnath Stupa before heading back to the Kathmandu Guest House and the charms of Thamel awaited!



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Fully restored


Good to see it back to its original glory though I do like it with more prayer flags on…. Prayers being carried away in the breeze … These will return over time… Look forward to my next visit

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December 15, 2012 · 11:34 pm

Colours of Kathmandu


Was lovely to spend a day wandering the streets of Kathmandu walking from Swayambu all the way back to Durbar square and then on to Nanglos bakery at Sundara Tower – via squares and temples and hanging out with young kids with impressive dance skills – and meeting old friends and new …..


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December 15, 2012 · 12:46 pm

Note to self …. Breath !

Just hectic hectic hectic – but all amazingly good fun – Kathmandu has been non stop – flew back on weds and it was hard to leave Pokhara as just didnt have time to see all the people that I wanted to see – and as always my check in for the plane was last minute – checked in at one and the plane was due to leave at ten past !! Had liquids in my hand luggage so had to run back out and put them in my main case – at least the airport staff enjoyed the Sikles book whilst I did this and I got to keep my Cointreau !

Back in Kathmandu within two days I have managed to meet up with Shrijana Yonzon about the Inspirational Women book and also the wonderful Libby – and have participated in an education for all forum which I will blog about later … Also manged to see Shailendra and his family, have an interview at WWF – go to the excellent opening film at KIMFF ‘Who Would Be A Gurkha?’ Watching the film was surreal as only days before I had been with the team who are recruiting this year. Managed to visit Patan and see some of the art exhibitions whilst I planned the trip details with Resham from Trek Nepal and then cocktails at the Shangri la with the workshop participants before dashing off to join the KIMFF group for dinner – will have to do separate posts with photos I think to try to capture all the things that’s have been dong… Just need to remember to breath !

Artmandu ……



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