Taking students to Nepal 

I’ve been to Nepal 30 times over the past 30 years and really want to make time this year to reflect on my experiences and maybe even write a book – but my focus at the minute has to be on finishing the small research project on Mensutral Health and developing the Fair Connections company and Foundation. I’ll blog on this soon to update you all but before I do that I just wanted to reflect on how amazing it is that my job has allowed me to take so many people to Nepal. This year for the second time I led a field work module to Nepal for final year students studying Sociology or Criminology and Sociology

Whilst taking a large group of people to Nepal has many challenges the fact that the students had all developed their own research proposals and went with a positive attitude to learn from local people and to build on the research skills they had developed in their second year meant that once again I too learnt many new things about the country I love so much. Sometimes blogging and pictures just can’t do justice to the impact of visiting Nepal. 

In June I presented a paper at LJMU Teaching and Learning Conference on the impact of international field work on students and contacted students from past years to gain more insight into this. It was so rewarding to hear from ex-students how life changing this experience had been for them and how it had impacted on their future careers.

Whilst developing the presentation I utilised the skills of my intern who was working for Fair Connections, Josh Blewitt in Media Production at LJMU and he produced this excellent short video which to me captures the impact perfectly.

Click here for link to video

 Also reading the blogs and coursework produced by my students further reinforced my commitment to international field work wether it be to Nepal, Brussels or in 2018 to Amsterdam. Field work is so much more than a holiday – it’s an opportunity to connect to local people and to put your sociological imagination and skills into practice in a real world setting. 

It’s one of the reasons I love my job so much  !

Here is one of the students blogs from this years visits

Click her to read more of this blog 

If my students who went are reading this want to share their blog posts please let me know and I can add them here or add the links to this post in the comments below as you should all be proud of the work that you did and I know others will enjoy reading them as much as I did ! If you want your work to be shared as a PDF again let me know and we can get this back to the people in Nepal who so kindly shared their time and passion with you all


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