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Mero aama … Mero Inspiration – my Mum my inspiration 

People often wonder where I get all of my energy,  creativity and passion from and in many ways it’s my mum. My lack of timekeeping untidiness and patience maybe from my dad!  I know many people know that two weeks ago, Saturday 12th Nov, the week before I was due to fly to Nepal, my mum had a really bad fall and I mean really bad fall in her home. She basically missed the bottom step and somehow managed to break her left arm and wrist, cut her head above her right eye and badly break and shatter her right shoulder.  She certainly doesn’t do things by halves!
It took four hours for the ambulance to come and get her to A&E and she was discharged back home with no overnight stay in hospital.  Two weeks later we still haven’t met anyone who can not believe that she wasn’t kept in for at least one night. Obvioulsy my mum would much prefer to be at home and has no desire to take up a bed but looking back we are all shocked she wasn’t kept in given the extent of her injuries even if just for s few days to have saved her the pain and tress of having to get to hopistal and back twice for X-rays and fracture clinic appointments.  Without being able to use either of her arms really has left her in a lot of pain and luckily she has my dad, brother,me and a great network of friends who have all been helping out.  That said  I have learnt a lot about the NHS and have come to understand the pressure that the system is under. Trying to find the right support and advice has meant a lot of phoning round and unnecessary stress which may have been avoided if the system worked better.  At least we have a NHS system in place though and the doctors and nurses have all been excellent it’s just that they and the care system are under so much pressure.  

My mother has now had a CT scan, seen the fracture specialist and knows that she’s got a long journey to recovery. The doctors are recommending that she lets the shoulder heal and then they will reassess the situation in six months to see if she needs an operation. Seeing my mum in so much pain has been really hard and a week later a care plan is staring to fall into place. I almost cancelled my flight to Nepal but my mum being my mum insisted that I go so here I am reflecting back on how great my mum is – I half wrote this post before I left for Nepal where I now am and am updating it now and posting it.

So – Given all of this I  delayed my flight to Nepal from the Saturday until the Tuesday and realised I wouldnt be able to complete the whole marathon walk by the time I expected to but it does mean that I can still support the global action nepal fun run and help out with international marathon next Saturday (See next post for details !).  I promised my mum that I’d keep them updated with what I’m doing.  Thankfully with Facebook, Skype and blogging I can do this.

The next blog post will keep people updated on what I will be doing so you can see the impact of the work I am doing with Fair Connections  Foundation – I will still be fund raising for the foundation to enable me to work with schools in Nepal whilst I’m there but I will organise a bigger fund raising event when I am back in the new year. I will focus on developing more connections and getting feedback from the schools already using the story sacks and will spend time finding out what it is that schools in Nepal need most and how they can be supported in making their schools more child friendly, engaging safe spaces for young Nepalis to be.

So how come my mum is so inspirational? 

Some of you will know my mum though many of you won’t.  Not being able to use both her arms and sit still is gong to be a challenge – she has always worked with and for other people from when I was little as a nurse, teacher, youth worker, running her own nursery when when brother was born and opening up her own shop selling new and second hand clothes before we moved to Singapore in 1984 and then teaching again both there and when she came back to the UK.  Through all of this she has also thrown herself into projects using her amazing sewing skills making costumes for plays and making the most amazing pictures with embroidery techniques that just have to be seen to be believed. Even when she had to retire due to her bad back she started her own business again running workshops teaching people to sew in ways they didn’t think we’re possible.

Just some of the amazing work my mum has done ! 

And some of the workshops she runs – though not for  a while I am sure she will be back doing this sooner than we all think ! 

There will be an exhibition of her work and her embroidery group in March next year details will be posted here Creative stitch studio

Even though she won’t be able to finish some of the pieces she was working on when she fell I know she will still work with the group of women in Diversity to get this exhibition up.  Even after she had been told that her right shoulder had been shattered she was trying to work out ways she could do some sewing ! 

There’s so much more I could say about my mum and how she has such strength – for as long as I have known she has suffered from bad back and neck pain but she had never let it stop her doing anything.  

So this blog is just to put it out there and say ‘I love you mum’ and will keep you posted with what I’m up to so that you can be as proud of me as I am of you LYUTTSABTT xxxx


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