Starting a Foundation….. 

Some of you may already know that I am starting a Foundation to work alongside my new company Fair Connections.
Many people have asked me why as I already have enough on my plate with working full time and developing a small community interest company.

And my answer …

In order to help me do more work with educational NGOs in Nepal who I have been working with and to help Fair Connections have the most impact in Nepal.
It has been exciting developing the web site for the Foundation and is making me now relook at my company web site with fresh eyes …. how many people read lots of text, what photos should I use and how, how can I explain all the things that I have done so that I don’t seem like a headless chicken !

It’s taken quite a while to go from this ….

To this


thanks in the main to Matt from Inspired and advice from family and friends.
Starting the Foundation has also helped me to have a clear vision about how the company needs to operate as a small business and how the impact of the work I do in Nepal needs to be shared more widely.

Designing the new web, using all my own photos, reminded me of my passion for photography and mdantsane wait to get back to Nepal to take even more photos to add to my ever growing collection !

It has also made me even more aware of the fact that I do tend to waffle and try to say too many things so I have decided to use this blog space to share my more reflective ramblings.

So if you want to find out more come back soon !  If you just want to donate to the Fair Connections Foundation then click here …


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