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Fair Connections update 

In December last year rather that wait for the company to take off I decided to provide story sacks and the book I have written to schools in Nepal.  It was really important that training was also provided so that teachers understood what the book was about and also the potential for the puppets to be used not only with the book but in other areas as well.  This video clip shows teachers from 5 schools in Kaski being trained in how to use the puppets and story sack. It is really important that I get feedback from teachers about what they like and don’t like about the resources and also what other resources they need to help them make their teaching methods  more child friendly and their schools more fun places to be. From the training provided I realised that for the story sack to maximise it potential it needs to link into the local curriculum and be used as a fun way to engage children.


The story sacks were also provided to 14 schools in Lapse Phedi and training was provided by myself, Kiran Bohara and GAN staff – we are currently getting feedback from teachers in Nepal about the puppets and also finding out what resources they also want in their schools to help them improve the quality of education for children in Nepal.  Updates will be shared here but also in the Fair Connections Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so please follow us there

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Waiting for petrol … Waiting for change 

Visiting Nepal in December last year I was prepared for the impact that the Earthquake had in April of the same year.  I was not prepared for the impact that the blockade from Indian was having not just directly in terms of the lack of petrol, gas and medicine but on the hearts and minds of the Nepali people.  Never had I felt such anger and despair in Nepal – never have I felt so sorry for a nation.  The price of gas was almost ten times that that it usually was. The lack of petrol meant that people had to wait for days just to fill their tanks.

I need to spend time collecting my thoughts on how Nepal had changed during this time – suffice it to say I felt that it wasn’t just the earth that had shifted and moved in Nepal but something had changed in the attitudes of local people.
Hard to capture the lines of bikes and cars waiting for petrol 

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