Liverpool Unites for Nepal 

May and June had been set aside for me to work on my new business venture Fair Connections

The idea for Fair Connections developed from a fair trade puppet and the need for more child friendly teaching resources in Nepal as well as a need for a deeper understanding of both fair trade and Nepal here in the UK. From the seed of an idea to two years later with a book written and story sack developed all that was needed was the final touches.

But then the earthquake struck and everything changed.

Hearing the news on Facebook and following all the news seems so long ago now.  Never before had I been so thankful to social media for communicating with people and nothing can express the relief on hearing that those I know and love were all ok. And at the same time the sadness and pain for all those who were not ok.

It was impossible not to follow all the posts and updates and be totally moved by the local level response to the disaster.  I began to screen shot stories of all the was appeasing on my news feed – ordinary people showing extra ordinary strength.

In Liverpool the only way we could respond was to come together as a Nepali community to support each other and begin to work together to raise funds to help with the relief efforts and support what was going to be long term relief work in Nepal.  Whilst not Nepali by birth those who know me know of my connections and love for the country and being part of the group Liverpool Unites for Nepal was the most natural thing in the world for me to do.

PowerPoints were made to share with schools to help show people here the work being done by local people and the impact that funds raised could have. People contacted me to ask how they could help and each one had different ways that they related to that they went on to support.  New connections were made between individuals, NGOS, schools and networks all working to support Nepali people in their time of need.  Events were organised to raise funds and keep Nepal in the hearts and minds of the general public.  We were amazed at the local generosity shown by people in the city and the disaster brought a stronger  sense of togetherness amongst those of us here in Liverpool who are from or in some way connected to Nepal.


I’ll post more later on the fund raising we have done and our future plans – and if you are in or near Liverpool on Monday Oct 19th – come along to find out more about the work that we have been and will be doing.

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