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Peaceful pokhara

By contrast to the hustle and bustle of kathmandu Pokhara was by comparison a breath of fresh air …. literally for the students as they headed out of Kathmandu and made their way to the Annapurna mountains. A colourful welcome awaited them as they arrived on Holi and to the craziness of powder play in lakeside.


Over the next few days students visited a number of organisation that GVI Nepal work with and a number of fair trade organisations. The work being done by Bunti and her staff at Children’s Paradise with a number of mixed ability children was a joy to see and certainly lived up its name ! playing football with the kids on another project was also a highlight.


I was great that the students from Lake City Campus joined us on our visit to Women’s Skills Development Project and then onto the Pokhara Photography night time presentation as it gave students from Pokhara and Liverpool a great opportunity to get to know each other.


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