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Time to see and time to reflect ….

It’s been a while since I have had the time to blog…. and has anyone missed me ? Being away in Nepal for 5 weeks, firstly leading a sociology field trip of 13 students from LJMU and then with family and friends researching and starting to assess the Impact of my work in Nepal has given me a lot to think about .. and blog about. An event I attended on Friday has really got me thinking about why I blog and who, if anyone, I want my audience to be ? A blog is a very different space from my own diaries, and more recently I have amen to using the notepad on the iPad as a way of recording my thoughts. A meeting on my last day with B K and the pages and pages of notes I took and ideas that we generated reminded my of how much more literature I am when I draw my ideas …. Doodle my thoughts and scribble my ramblings. A visual not a written learner. So why blog ? To provide a new space to share ideas, to justify my work provided IPad, to self indulge and project yet another online version of me? Well all I know is I want to back date my posts based on my notes that I have taken and then when I get to the present I may change my direction and style – but lets see. For now I’ll end with some questions. Who is watching ? Who is reading these posts ? and Why ?


I’m watching you are you watching me ?


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