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Loving my job !

Time to reflect on my teaching over the past few weeks and I must day I have loved Tuesdays teaching world development to first years and globalisation to second years. The world development sessions have been particularly inspiring as now with the three hour slot I have the flexibility to run the module as I like and have set it up so that students have been split up into three groups and lead a seminar on one of the key topics relating to the Millennium Development Goals – education, gender or health. This year the two hour lecture takes place the week before and then we start of the following week with student presentations and discussion – and this set up has ally worked. Each week I have walked out of the seminars enthused about the lecture I am about to give and impressed by the level of thought and research the students have put into the sessions, developing quizzes, presentations, finding excellent short videos to support their points and leading the discussion between their fellow students – I have literally not had to intervene at all – which is the way it should be. In addition to that I’ve learnt knew things and have been recommending the things that they have shared to other students in other modules – so all in all win win all round! I’m now really looking forward to reading their reports when they come in and continuing to teach aid trade and debt on this module – nice to have a week of no teaching next week though to reflect and catch up on research – so watch this pace for more posts relating to research and Nepal !


Student led debate on if gender matters as a MDG

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The only way is Liverpool

Love love love showing this city to new people and thanks to Alyn Smith my ex geography student for brining his students up from Gateway Academy for a cultural educational tour of Liverpool – fantastic weather and great photo taking opportunity especially as two of the students are into graffiti and art – photos say it all !!! Will add their reflections later šŸ™‚


Feedback from the students showed the day had an impact on them and I hope to see them again soon ! Here are some of their comments ……

today was amazing as i seen so many nice different places and people it was a great trip that i would defiantly come back to Liverpool again. The buildings that we saw such as the bombed out church and hearing how it has so much history .. you can can actually feel the atmosphere that was there !

i would like to thank all of you for this an amazing trip and would love to move to Liverpool


Teri says …
today walking around Liverpool I saw how amazing and beautiful the city is as we visited or drove past the landmarks such as the Albert docks and then we visited the Liverpool riverfront and Ringo Starr’s old house that he used to live in (now derelict in the welsh streets). We also visited Sefton park which had a giant green house in the middle, which we didn’t go into but we saw inside and it had palm trees and other plants in it.


When we started the tour we visited two cathedrals one cathedral was a modern design, the other was an older design and it looked so amazing on the outside but the inside was even better, the celling was so high and the interior architecture was just mind blowing and unbelievable. The second cathedral was my favourite as it had just so many amazing elements of architecture.

We also visited some Banksy’s pieces of work the first one was of a rat with a cats face then the second was of the famous aeroplane and smoke in a shape of a love-heart which was very exciting as I’m a big fan of Banksy. We also visited two shopping centres which were both very different and i did have a clear favourite….. the day was very enjoyable for me as i saw so much of Liverpool and i have grown to love the city as the people are so friendly kind and polite and there are so many cultures – also the city has such amazing buildings and just seems safe in itself.

Paige comments.
It’s been very interesting and i went out my way to come here and I have actually changed my mind about what i was looking for when i came to Liverpool.

My plan was to look at all the fashion and see what differences there were by comparing the two places liverpool and essex. and today i was enticed into all the graffiti and the way they have meanings and the way it isnt considered as graffiti up here but as art. I even got the chance to see two peices of banksy’s art work one was covered up and i felt kinda sad about that as i really love all of his art peices and it was the first art peice i have ever seen in real life!

On our way back in the mini bus i recognised the top of one of banksys art works and i was so happy to see it uncovered that i made everyone get off the mini bus so i could go and get a photo taken with it and see it up close. When we got back to the corner of where the work was i was so happy as on the bottom they have actually put a plastic sheet over banksy’s artwork so it cant get destroyed or graffitied over and it made me happy to see hat people dont see it as ilegal but as local art…. the difference is because in essex the artwork will be considered as illegal but in liverpool they put a plastic sheet over it in order to protect it and it generally made me really happy and i have had a fantastic time in liverpool seeing all the sights, getting a tour and talking to the university students and getting to see the real culture behind Liverpool.


And Darren says

… my trip to Liverpool, were do i start ? from the crazy bus tours to the mad clubs and shops in seconds theres so much to do and its hard to choose. The surrounds are beautiful and the people are lovely, its completely different from back home. I really enjoyed my time in Liverpool as we went to some amazing bars and saw some great sights …. theres just so much life in Liverpool! Would I ever visit Liverpool again? hell yeah ! I’ve only seen a bit of Liverpool and it was brilliant theres so much more I want to see and I will see it all one day I can assure you of that.


Photo: Chris Allen (far left) and Sara Parker (centre) with staff and students from the Gateway Academy at the start of the urban trail cultural tour of Liverpool


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Sikles comes to Grange over Sands

When I was making the Sikles book back in 2010 I was invited by am amnesty international group and Grange Primary school to do a talk on Nepal for the children there. I took all the photos and a draft of the book and had an excellent day where the children got to hear about Nepal and ask questions about the book I was making. Their questions helped me write the text to support the photographs that had all been taken by local people – so I was really keen to go back and share it with them all. So off I went last Friday suitcases full of books and photos and dhoko on my head with a range of all things Nepali from prayer flags to lungis and banghras – looking like a Siklesko Kheti I was met at the station by Rory.

On the Friday I started the day with a whole school assembly updating the children on the changes that had taken place in Sikles since I had last seen them such as the bulling of a new school, the publishing of the book and a new library being made. The school in Grange has a small library which is looking rather old and dated so they, just like the people in Sikles, are having fund raising events to raise funds to do it up and make it more child friendly and better stocked – different places same concerns !


I also visited each class and with each one covered a different topic depending on what they had been learning about in their year groups – so with one group I was talking about the animals in Nepal, hunting and conservation – they really enjoyed the story of the boy who had fought a bear to protect his sheep in the forest above Sikles. In another I was talking about the houses and what people ate. With the older years we looked at religion and culture and rivers and landslides … So all in all a pretty full on day – total respect for anyone who is a primary school teacher as its knackering !!! Children just ask the best questions though and I always love doing days like this.
Class 5 had all been making the Nepali flats as part of their maths lesson and they were so keen to show me them it was really moving… one boy had brought in his special map of India Nepal and China that he had made the year before – which came in very handy when I was explaining that Nepal was landlocked and sandwiched between two massive countries !


The children in class two drew photos to share with children in Sikles to show them what Grange is like and are looking forward to drawings from Sikles soon ! They all want me to go back to show them how to write their names in Nepali so will look forward to being there again.


The event was rounded off with an amazing curry night fund raiser with all the food cooked by the wonderful cook that is Liz – excellent end to a brilliant day !


The snow the next day made for the perfect weekend with mates walking talking catching up and eating good food.



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